AdaExtract Review | How To Register & Extract Cardano (2022)

In this AdaExtract review, I will be telling you everything you need to know about cardano, how to register, how it works, Minimum withdrawal, whether it is legit or scam or still paying.

As you can see from the image above, I have made more than a 100k within the first month of joining AdaExtract. I can put you through for free, contact me on Whatsapp using the above AdaExtract vendor WhatsApp number.

Adaextract review | About Adaextract

You’re welcome to this AdaExtract review. AdaExtract is a well designed system that provides equity blockchain opportunity. You get Cardano then convert it to naira which can be withdrawn directly into your bank account.

AdaExtract offers users to ability to own a share of cardanoADA through extraction.

As you can see, this coin is gradually going high, just the same way Bitcoin started.

AdaExtract review | How to register on

Follow the steps below.

STEP 1:-

Buy the registration / extraction code from a vendor. The code costs N5,000 for standard package and N10,000 for ultra package.

STEP 2:-

After getting the code from the vendor, he will give you a Registration link. enter that link

STEP 3:-

You will be redirected to a registration page where you will fill details such as full names,email address, phone number and password of at least 8 digits.

There is a box for the Extraction code which you purchased from the vendor.

Tick the box to accept terms and conditions

STEP 4:-

Click Register and save your password on the browser.

Congratulations, you have registered. The next thing is to know how AdaExtract works which I explained in this AdaExtract Review below.

How does AdaExtract work?

Let’s proceed on our AdaExtract review. There are two registration packages.

Ultra package

This is the higher package

    • welcome bonus:- N1,000

After registration, this is the amount you will automatically get into your wallet.

    • Extraction per session

Each session is 11 hours. In a day, you can extract two times, for N300 per extract, making N600 per day.

    • Viraltract

You earn N500 daily

    • Total daily earnings

After everything, you want N1,100 daily

    • Total monthly earnings

You earn 35,100 every month.

    • Referral bonus

The Referral Commission which is the amount you earn when someone uses your referral link to register is N5,200

    • Minimum withdrawal

The minimum amount you can withdraw is N15,000

Standard package

    • registration bonus:- N500

After registration, this is the first amount that you will receive for free.

    • Extraction per session

2 hours per session, that is 12 sessions per day. You earn N25 per session which is N300 per day.

    • your Viral tract

You earn only N150 daily which is lower than the 500N in the first plan.

    • the Total daily earnings

You earn N450 each day after the extraction. This is lower than the #1,100 in the first package.

    • Your Total monthly earnings

After everything, you earn N14,450 every month.

    • Referral commission / bonus

Whenever someone uses your referral link to join AdaExtract, you earn N2,600

    • Minimum withdrawal

The minimum amount you can withdraw is N7,500

AdaExtract withdrawal | date and minimum

Non affiliate withdrawal is twice a month.

Referral withdrawal is every Sunday.

Minimum Withdrawal for ultra package is 15,000 while for standard package,it is 7,500.

AdaExtract Review | Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These are some frequently asked questions and their respective answers.

How do I earn on AdaExtract?

there are three ways you can make money on AdaExtract, these are:-

  1. by extracting Cardano and converting it to naira
  2. staking, which is having a share on AdaExtract
  3. By referring, this is not compulsory but there are bonuses if you refer people to join.

How do I withdraw on AdaExtract?

In AdaExtract, once you reach the minimum withdrawal amount which is either N7,500 or N15,000 depending on the plan you Registered for, then the money will be deposited into your account.

Do I need Referral before withdrawal?

Unlike some other Platforms, you do not need to refer any one before you can withdraw.

What is Cardano?

Cardano is a coin like Bitcoin

Why are we paying that registration fee?

The registration fee is to give you an extraction code which you will use to extract Cardano.

Is AdaExtract still paying?

Yes , AdaExtract is legit and still paying.

Is AdaExtract legit or scam?

AdaExtract is legit. It is not a Ponzi scheme. it is not a scam. It has a high trust score on due to people’s positive review.

AdaExtract conclusion

There a lots of online businesses coming up everyday. It is wise to check for reviews on this blog before jumping into any Platform.

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