Bismart Review | How It Works | How To Register & Buy Coupon Code

Bismart review : legit or scam? coupon code vendor, minimum withdrawal, How to register, how it works.

In this Bismart review, I will tell you everything you need to know about Bismart income program, how Bismart works, Bismart minimum withdrawal, whether Bismart is legit or scam.

Bismart review | About

Bismart is a newly launched platform that helps you earn money by sharing sponsored post (adverts) on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter or Instagram.

It also pays for daily login and of course, for referring people to join the platform.

According to, it is an online innovation and affiliate platform built by entrepreneurs to enhance financial stability amongst people.

Bismart does not only pay for performing task, it is also a platform where people earn skills. Useful skills needed in this twenty first generation.

Bismart review | How does Bismart work?

Bismart packages

There are two packages on Bismart. These are:-

First package which costs N2,500

Whipsmart package which costs N4000

How does the first package work?

The price for the coupon code of the first package is N2,500. After registering on Bismart, you will be given 1500 Bismart points immediately after activating your account.

Also, you earn 300 Bismart points daily by sharing our sponsored posts on any social media account (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter).

Thirdly, you earn 150 daily. This is a login bonus given to you each day you login. it is once per day.

As an affiliate, you can earn by referring your friends to join Bismart. You earn N1,600 each time someone registers with your affiliate link.

This is not the end of it for affiliates, you also earn N200 any time any of them gives their referral link out for registration.

how does the whipsmart (second package) work?

The summary is in the image above registration / sign up

In this Bismart review, I will show you the steps on how to register on

  1. buy an activation / coupon code from a vendor The activation code is sold for N2,500 only
  2. There is this vendor giving a discount. You can contact him below to buy the coupon code cheaper than N2,500
  3. After purchasing the coupon code, you will be given a registration link by the vendor, enter the link.
  4. After clicking the link, you will be redirected to Bismart registration page. type your details in the page, such as your full names ,email address and password.
  5. Type the coupon code you bought and tick the “terms and conditions” then click on register or sign up
  6. You will receive a welcome message on your email. Login and start earning

How To activate your bismart account.

After registration, you will be required to activate your account. This is simply to confirm that you own the email address you used.

Bismart review | How To Make money on

There are other means of earning money on Bismart, these are:-

  • Spin lottery
  • Compensation and prizes

Bismart income program review | How to share sponsored post on Bismart

In this Bismart review, I will give you details on how to share sponsored posts and earn daily.

Follow the steps below:-

  • Log into your bismart account
  • Click on “sponsored posts”
  • scroll down and select the sponsored post of that particular day.
  • Click it and scroll down then share it directly to any of your social media accounts

Bismart minimum withdrawal

For non-affiliate earners, the Minimum withdrawal amount is 15,000 points which is equal to more than N5,000.

The withdrawal portal for non-affiliate withdrawal opens on the 15th of every month from 6pm to 8pm

For affiliate / referral earnings, the minimum withdrawal amount is N1,500 two time in a week. The withdrawal portal for affiliates opens every Tuesday and Saturday(or Friday) from 4pm to 5pm

Things to note about Bismart withdrawal process

  • Bismart pays within 12-24 hours after you request withdrawal
  • You can make withdrawals during affiliate withdrawal only when you have up to N4,000 affiliate earnings and a minimum of 5,000 points.

Is Bismart legit or scam?

Based on personal experience and reviews from other reliable sources, Bismart income program is legit and real. It is still paying.


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