Chinese Gift Cards Traders WhatsApp Numbers (Updated)

Chinese Gift card Traders WhatsApp Number 2022 | Chinese gift card Vendors 2022

In this article, I will tell you where to get a Chinese gift card traders to sell your gift cards at a very high rate.

Do you have gift cards you want to sell?

Are you searching for where you can sell your gift cards at a very high rate?

If “yes” is the answer to this question, then sit back, relax and go through this article.

What is a gift card? What are gift cards used for?

A gift card is also known as a gift certificate, gift voucher or a gift token.

It is a card that looks like our debit card usually issued by an e-commerce platform such as Amazon, eBay and the rest.

A gift card of a particular store such as Amazon can be used to purchase goods from that store.

Therefore, you can use an Amazon gift card to purchase goods from Amazon worth the amount inside that gift card.

Chinese Gift card traders 2022 | All you need to know

In this article,we will discuss all you need to know about Chinese gift cards traders 2022. Alot of people have asked me how to redeem gift card 2022, how to sell gift card to naira bank account, how to convert gift card to Bitcoin or cryptocurrency, gift cards expiry dates, gift card balance checker, gift card exchange, gift card online.

I will give answers to questions like available gift cards in China, Chinese Amazon gift cards, Chinese apple gift cards, Chinese gift card buyers, legit Chinese gift card exchange, Chinese gift cards company, Chinese gift card buyer whatsapp number.

Types of gift cards

There are different kinds of gift cards. Some of most commonest gift cards exchanges are:-

  • Amazon gift cards
  • iTunes card
  • eBay gift cards
  • Walmart gift cards
  • Target gift cards
  • Sephora gift card
  • Nordstrom gift cards
  • Razer
  • Vanilla gift card
  • American gift card
  • Macy’s gift card
  • Xbox gift cards
  • Steam gift cards
  • Google Play gift cards
  • H&M
  • Disney +
  • Etsy

Chinese Gift Card Traders 2022

So many gift card sellers are looking for Chinese Gift Card traders to buy their gift cards.

Why is this so?

This is simply because Chinese gift card traders have unarguably the highest rate.

This is because of the high demand for gift cards in China. Probably because of the high population in china.

From our basic economics, we know that high demand is associated with high cost of a particular product.

Infact, everyone prefers to sell their gift cards to any trusted Chinese gift cards vendors because of their mouthwatering prize.

The only issue when it comes to selling your gift cards online is knowing the legitimate source.

Nowadays, there are lots of Chinese gift cards traders around but how do you know the real one?

This brings me to my next subheading below.

Chinese gift card vendors | How to avoid getting scammed by fake Chinese gift card vendors

In this Chinese gift cards traders article, I will be showing you how to sell your gift cards to trusted Chinese gift card traders.

The first thing is to avoid getting scammed. Some of these acclaimed Chinese gift card traders are scam. You have nothing to worry about, because in this article I will be giving you list of legit Chinese gift card traders you can purchase giftcards from.

Before you buy an electronic gift card, here are steps you should consider.

Join a legit chinese gift card trading platform

There are so many legit Chinese gift card trading platforms where users can buy or sell gift cards.

However, you should focus on the one that has Chinese buyers because Chinese gift card traders buy gift cards at a very high rate.

Below are some of the gift card trading platforms where you can find Chinese gift card Vendors.

Both of them are in partnership with Chinese gift card vendors.

However, Paxful is a global gift cards trading platform based in U.S.A while Cardtonic is based in Nigeria.

You can download Cardtonic app on Google play store or Apple.

Sign up on Chinese e-commerce platforms or online stores

An e-commerce platform is basically an online store that allows users to buy, order or sell physical goods and services online.

Now, there are e-commerce platforms where you can trade your gift cards.

Some of them make it mandatory for users to use international number (Chinese number) to register while some others do not make it compulsory.

Here’s a list of Chinese e-commerce platforms.

How to trade your gift cards on a Chinese e-commerce trading platforms 2022

Trading your gift cards on Chinese e-commerce trading platform can be easier than you think.

Follow the steps below to trade your gift cards on any e-commerce trading platforms.

  1. Sign up on the ecommerce platform
  2. After signing up, search for any gift card such as Google Play gift cards, iTunes gift cards, Steam gift cards, Amazon gift cards, eBay gift cards and others.
  3. You will find lot of buyers of your gift cards. Choose a Chinese buyer and converse with them.

Chinese gift card traders WhatsApp numbers 2022

You can easily connect with legit Chinese gift cards traders on WhatsApp. The country code for Chinese numbers start with +86 but you should beware of scammers that can also have Chinese phone numbers.

I am very conscious of scams. This is why I have taken my time to make quality research on legit Chinese gift card traders on WhatsApp.

Below is a trusted and well reputable Chinese gift card trader.

He also has a connection in Nigeria. Therefore if you live in Nigeria, you can easily sell your gift cards to him and he will pay you into your Nigerian bank account.

This way, you won’t have to worry about payment charges.

He buys gift cards in bulk and at a very high rate. You can chat him up on WhatsApp by clicking the image above.



Gift cards are now used to purchase stuff online. If you have gift cards and you are looking for a buyer, it is wise to look for a Chinese gift card trader because they buy at a very high rate, second to none.

In this article on Chinese gift card buyers online, I have give you an in-depth info on how gift cards work and how to sell your gift cards to a legit gift card vendor.

At the middle of this article, I clearly mentioned a particular gift my card buyer who is trusted. I suggest you chat with him on WhatsApp to sell your gift cards atba very high rate.

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