Miguel Cotto Net Worth 2022 【Biography】

What is Miguel Angel Cotto net worth 2022? In this cotto Miguel’s biography, you will find out details about Miguel cotto, such as, Miguel Cotto age, Miguel cotto vs Antonio Margarito, Miguel cotto vs Michael Jennings, Miguel vs Ricky hatton, Miguel Cotto’s fight history, Miguel Cotto’s date of birth, Miguel Cotto’s networth, Miguel Cotto’s titles, both lightweight and Middleweight.

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Introduction: Miguel Cotto net Worth and fight history

You’re probably here to know Miguel cotto net worth 2022, but let’s talk about his background and fight history first

Miguel cotto, a Puerto Rican professional boxer in the past, competed from 2001 to 2017 when he retired.

Angel Cotto Miguel is a world champion and he has won it many times. He was the first ever boxer to win four wight classes world titles.

He won the pound ranking by the ring magazine in 2007. The same was done in 2009.

Cotto Miguel began his professional career in the year 2001. The following year, he defeated Kelson Pinto and won the WBO light welterweight title. As a matter of fact, he represented Puerto Rico in the light welterweight divisions.

As at the time of writing this article, May 2022, Miguel cotto net worth 2022 is estimated to be around $25 million (twenty five million US dollars)

All these sum up to Miguel cotto net worth.

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Miguel Cotto Net Worth (Early life background)

Miguel Angel Cotto Vazquez is his full name. He was born on the 29th of October, 1980. Based on research, he was born in the city of Rhode Island.

Puerto parents gave birth to cotto in caguas, Puerto Rico. Right from time, Cotto has been boxing as a hobby. Now, it became his career path. He later went to the Bairoa Gym in Caugas.

Cotto has been to many tournaments, both national and international. One of the international tournaments he attended was The 1998 Junior World Championships which took place in a city called Buenos Aires.

Miguel cotto finished in second place at a competition he partook in back in the past.
Cotto also competed in the pan American games which took place in Canada. However he lost to Dana Laframboise of Canada. His score was two compared to his opponent’s score of five.

Miguel Cotto’s career

As I earlier stated, Miguel cotto became the first ever Puerto Rican to four titles in weight classes. He is the current “The Ring World Middleweight champion”

After he defeated Kelson Pinto, he defended that title successful for six consecutive times. No one has broken that record till date.

Till today, cotto Miguel is still known as one of the best fighters in the ring. He has had multiple matches with several boxers including the famous “Floyd Mayweather Jr”. This match was very important in his career.

Apart from his fight with Mayweather, he has fought with many boxers such as Michael Jennings and Manny Pacquiao. Another notable fight was the one with Antonio Margarito in 2011. In that fight, he won about $6 million. All these have been added up to Miguel Cotto’s net worth 2022.

Since 2009, Miguel cotto has fought with many and has earned more than $17 million.

Miguel cotto has signed endorsement deals with prestigious companies such as Glaxo Smith Kline, popularly known as GSK. However, the amount was undisclosed but rumours have it that it was about $5 million contract.

In 2015, Miguel cotto fought with Saul Alvarez and won the sum of $15 million

Titles and Highlights in his career

Below are some of the memorable moments of Miguel cotto.

  • Pan American Games (1999)
  • WBO welterweight title (2009)
  • Antonio Margarito defeat (2011)
  • Saul Alvarez defeat (2015)

This is just to mention a few. All these have played a huge part in Miguel cotto net worth 2022.

Miguel cotto net worth (Conclusion)

Miguel cotto is a Puerto Rican boxer boring in caguas, Puerto Rico. He is considered one of the best boxers till date.

He started his professional career in the year 2001. Throughout his long career, he has had a total 47 fights, from which he won 41. In this fourth one games he won, 33 were won by knock out while eight were won by decision.

As at the year 2022, Miguel cotto brick in glove.
Miguel cotto’s net worth 2022 is estimated is to around $25 million.

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