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Many people have been sending mails to me asking questions like:-
How does work? How does registration? registration?
Is richsociety paying? minimum withdrawal? Is referral compulsory?

  • NOTE:- This platform was initially called but it is has now been moved to

In this review, I will let you know all about ( , how works, minimum withdrawal on, whether is legit or scam.

Let’s get to the matter! review | review ( is an online cryptocurrency investment platform where members invest crypto and earn commission.

Richsociety ( gives users the opportunity to dive into cryptocurrency and harness its value. When you Register with Richsociety, you finds are converted to BTC, dodgecoin ,Litecoin and more.

How does work? How does work?

In this richsociety review ( Review), I will tell you how works.

To start participating and earning on ( You need to register on the platform.

After registration, you will be able to earn when you invest crypto coins. bitcoinoand Litecoin are generally the acceptable coins.

Of course, the higher your package, the higher your interest.

There is also an affiliate program on This referral system is unique because your friends do not need to invest before you can earn a commission.

All you need to do is to give them your referral link, once the click on it, you get a commission.

As easy as that!

And of course, you do not need referrals before you can withdraw. registration | sign up

In this review
( Review) I will tell you how to register on

Follow the steps below.

  1. Visit (
  2. Input your details including full names ,email address and password
  3. Make sure you use a valid email address.

  4. Click Register to complete your richsociety ( investment packages

At richsociety, there are different Investment packages depending on the prize.

Starter package

  • Package price:- R600
  • Daily income :- R50
  • Total earnings:- R1,000

Senior package

  • Package price:- R1,000
  • This price is higher than the starter price.

  • What you earn every day – R75
  • Total earnings after the investment period:- R2,325

Founders package

This is the third package from bottom to top. It is more than the senior package but only less than the monster package.

  • Package price:- R5,000
  • Daily income :- R69
  • Total earnings:- R25,185

Monster package

  • Package price:- R25,000 (twenty-five thousand)
  • Daily income :- R68
  • Total:- R485,000
  • This is what you will earn after the investment period.

This is the last investment package in this
( Review) review.

The next thing we will talk about is the minimum withdrawal and the whole withdrawal process.
( minimum withdrawal

Like every other platform, you must reach the minimum amount for withdrawal before you can be able to withdraw.

The minimum withdrawal amount on ( is $21 USD and the maximum is $3,500.

Withdrawals can be made from Monday to Sunday, seven days a week.

Asides this, you must provide your XRP ripple wallet address or local account details. This is where your money will be sent to you after withdrawal. ( referral / affiliate commission

Like every other platform, there is an affiliate marketing system on (

In (, you earn a reward of $7 when you refer someone to join the platform using your referral link.

One amazing thing is that, this bonus is given to you even if the person does not subscribe to any package. However, a higher commission will be given to you if the person subscribes to a package.

How to earn money on without subscribing to any package

As I stated , you can earn referral bonus even if the user does not subscribe to any package.

Hence you can get these bonus just by referring people to join the platform.

All you need to do is to register and make sure you invite people to join using your referral link.

You gain $7 on each person that registers.

Is ( still paying?

As at the time of writing this article, richsociety is still paying.

( legit?

It is way too early to conclude whether is legit or scam. However, from an overview, richsociety is legit.

Is ( a scam? is not a scam. But isn’t it too early too conclude? Some of these investment platforms start up very well then start fumbling. I hope richsociety isn’t one of them. Therefore, make sure you only invest money you can afford to lose.


In this review, I promised to tell you everything about

I believe I have done justice to this.

If you still have any questions, use the WhatsApp icon on your screen.

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