Corelminer Review | How It Works | How To Register & Withdraw

In this Corelminer review, I will tell you all you need to know about Corelminer, the minimum withdrawal, whether it is legit or scam, how to register on Corelminer and start mining, whether Corelminer is paying or real.

About | Corelminer review

Corelminer was launched in May, 2022. is a crypto platform that allows members to mine cryptocurrency on their platform. There are various packages depending on your budget. The lowest is as low as N2500. Check out FlezHub review

Corelminer review | How does work?

Corelminer is an online cryptocurrency platform that allows members to mine cryptocurrency on their platform.

To partake in the benefits of this platform, you must register and be a member first.

You get rewarded with a sum of N2500 immediately after you complete your Corelminer storage one mining.

To earn higher, you will be required to fund your wallet. The platform credits your account with the amount you funded.

By topping on, you get upgraded to the next storage.

Alternatively, you can also make more money on Corelminer by inviting your friends to join the platform using your referral link. You get a 5% commission for doing so. Although this is not compulsory.

Corelminer registration / sign up

In this Corelminer review, I will show you how to register on
Follow the steps below.

  1. Visit
  2. Input your details ,then click on Register

Corelminer packages

There are nine packages on Corelminer. In this Corelminer review, I will list all of them with their features.

Storage 1

  • fee:- 2500 NGN
  • Daily commission :- 320 NGN

Corelminer investment packages / storages

Now, there are nine (9) storages / packages on Corelminer.

In other not to create new subheadings and make the Corelminer review voluminous, I will explain the remaining storages on in this subheading

  • Storage 2

In this storage, the upgrading fee is 5k and the daily commission is N470.

  • Storage 3

This package has an upgrading fee of N10k and a daily commission of N970.

Cool right?

  • Storage 4

The fee for this storage is N50k and the daily commission is N4600.

I will stop just here although there are higher storages at higher prices.

I normally advise my users reading my reviews to invest wisely so I can’t be in support of you investing more than 50k on this platform or any other platform, for a start. minimum withdrawal

To be eligible to make withdrawals on, you must reach the minimum withdrawal amount, which is 4,000 NGN.

Make sure you provide your bank details in your profile.

Corelminer review | Referral commission

Another way of making money on is through their affiliate program. You get a 5% commission when any one joins using your referral link found in your dashboard.

Although this is not compulsory. As you can see, the referral commission is so small. This shows that Corelminer is not a Ponzi scheme that uses other people’s money to pay some other people.

To get more referrals, you can share your links on social media.

Is paying?

As at the time of writing this article, Corelminer is still paying. Yes, is real and genuine.

Who is the CEO / founder of

There is currently no information on the founder or owner of This could be due to security reasons or perhaps dubious ambitious.

Is legit?

Corelminer is paying right now, but is this enough to say Corelminer is legit? I don’t think so. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and invest wisely. Don’t forget the code.

“Use only what you can afford to lose”

Do not break your banks because of this platform.

Is scam? is not a scam, as at now. It has paid people. We cannot fully say anything yet because it is still a new Platform. Will it stand the test of time? let’s wait and see.


In this review, I have taken my time to give you insight on this platform like I always do.
Please ensure you read reviews on this platform before joining any investment scheme.

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