How To Apply For Industrial Training / Internship As An Undergraduate

In Nigerian universities, students usually go for a 6-months programme called industrial training (internship), popularly known as I.T for short.

This industrial training is usually fixed during the second to the last year of a student’s degree. If it is a 5-year course like engineering, the students go for industrial training in their 4th year, second semester to be precise. But if it is a 4-year course, the students go for their industrial training in their third year, second semester as usual.

This industrial training can also last for three to four months, depending on the time available.

Things to consider before choosing a company for your industrial training (internship)

There are some things you need to consider before applying for an internship placement in a company.

Make sure the distance between your house and the company is not far

This is a very important factor to consider, most especially because some companies don’t pay I.T students. Also, some of those companies don’t have staff buses.

So, all the expenses of transportation is from your own pocket. This can be draining.

Consider if the company pays I.T students

I don’t usually recommend this as a top reason because as an I.T student, your main priority should be the knowledge and not the money. If you focus sorely on the money, you end up losing the knowledge you should gain.

And of course the money will be Petty.


I have a reason for making this the first on my list. Passion is what drives you. You should choose a company where you enjoy.

Imagine doing something you don’t like for the rest of your life?

Imagine defending a project on a topic you have no interest in.

Go for somewhere that accommodates I.T students

What am I talking about?

Well, some companies are nice and we’ll established but they don’t provide adequate learning environment and structure for students to learn.

Sometimes you might even learn more from an road side shop that a so-called big company.

How to write an application letter for industrial training (internship) in Nigeria

After considering those things above ,you choose a company. However, I will advise you to apply in many companies, especially when you do not have a guarantee in one

Remember that it is a formal letter. Well, these are a few things your letter should contain

  • Your address by the left hand side
  • The company’s name and address at the right hand side.
  • The content of your letter
  • Your name and signature, with “yours faithfully” at the end.

Letters to be submitted to the company for application

There are a few documents you should attach.

these are:-

  1. Your type written / handwritten application letter
  2. Your I.T letter from your school
  3. A document containing your CV

What you should do during your internship programme

After you have gotten your approval letter from the company, you will be given an appointment day and branch to start.

Now, during your internship, you need to fill a your logbook given to you by your school.
This logbook must be signed by your supervisor regularly.

Also, remember to submit your siwes form to ITF two weeks after receiving your acceptance letter from the company.

Benefits of going for industrial training (I.T)

The industrial training for students in their third year or fourth year is supposed to last for 6 months, but some of the students don’t go for it at all.

During my time, I intended to stay for 3-4 months but due to the asuu strike, I had to stay for 6 months or more.

It wasn’t a very pleasant experience, because I wasn’t paid, but above all, I learnt alot.

Apart from your CGPA, there are other benefits of having experience with any industry related to your discipline.

I will list some of them below

1. gaining experience

One of the main reasons for undergoing internship training is to gain experience. This 6 months experience can be added to.your CV. As a matter of fact, if you keep going to companies and working for them every holiday, you will gain more experience than someone sitting at home all through.

When you are applying for Job, you will see some expectations such as, you must have 3-5 years experience and you must be at most 25 year old. All these I.T training and holidays are used to get this experience.

2. Work Discipline

When you work in a company for a particular period, you learn how to have work discipline.

This including interacting well with staff, coming to work early and all.

3. Connection / Long legs

As we know today, there are some jobs we needs connections to get. Having industrial training in different companies will expose you to different people..This will known by many people in these prestigious companies.

This can aid you in getting employment after school.

4. For your CGPA

Your Industrial training has a very high unit attached to it. sometimes 5 or 10, depending on the school. It is good to attend industrial training so you wan be confident in defending your I.T defense in school.

5. To keep yourself busy

Doing holidays, asuu strikes and all, we have students roaming about the streets, looking for what to do.

Some of them start social vices. Undergoing Industrial training I’m any company related to your field will keep your mind busy

6. To get paid

Another reason for joining industrial training is the funds attached to it. However, this shouldn’t be a compulsory condition. Some companies pay their industrial trainees whole others don’t.

if you find yourself somewhere that pays you,then you’re lucky. If not, just be patient and learn some skills. gain that experience!

7. So your supervisor can see you

During your internship program. Your school will most likely send one or two supervisors to your place of work to check what you are doing. This is just to confirm that you actually got a place for industrial training.


In Nigeria, it is usually difficult to find jobs, even as an I.T student, you might need connection (long legs) to get a job. One thing you should bare in mind is that ,the main aim is to acquire knowledge, not money.

Also you can gradually and easily get a permanent job in that company after you have graduated.

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