How To Increase Your WhatsApp Contact List and boost sales

Commonly, especially in Nigeria, WhatsApp is used everywhere by everyone. The old, the young, male and females. Therefore it is only wise of you to build a WhatsApp community especially if you want to make sales on the WhatsApp Platform.

There have been debates on how WhatsApp earns money because it doesn’t show any advert or charge any subscription fee. the truth is that mark zukerberg used it as a funnel to generate traffic for his other Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

There are people that get upto 5000+ views on their status. The truth is that these people didn’t get those contact lists in a day. it took a gradual working process to achieve it.

Another thing is that, you should get contacts that are interested in your products, not just any random contact.

You cannot be advertising Chelsea jerseys to Manchester United fans. You will get no sales. Neither can you advertise ice cream to dia patients.

There’s this saying,

Your money is in the hands of people

Now, how can you build a community on WhatsApp to increase your sales?

Ways to increase your WhatsApp contact list and boost status views

There are different ways to boost your WhatsApp contact list , some are free while others are not. Above all ,they are all effective.

I will be explaining these few tips:-

  1. Using Facebook Targeted adverts
  2. Build a blog or website
  3. Using Facebook pages or groups to advertise
  4. Provide a service in exchange for a contact
  5. using YouTube video description

Using Facebook Targeted adverts

There’s really something special about this Facebook targeted adverts. It displays your advert to those who are interested in them. Facebook uses algorithms to know those who are interested in specific things. Maybe they have liked similar pages or discussed similar topics with someone on Facebook. I Have another article on how to sell your products using Facebook marketplace. It is a free Platform, although there is a paid version of Facebook ads. You can run either one depending on your funds.

The only issue is that, it is not free. it is a paid service. although it doesn’t cost much. The payment is monthly.

Build a blog or website

If you have a website, you can easily invite people to your WhatsApp group or DM. simply by placing your WhatsApp link on your blog post. This will bring interested users into your DM or group chat

Using Facebook pages or groups to advertise

Initially I talked about running Facebook targeted ads, which was not free.
Now , you can post your ads either by creating a topic or using the comment section. This is completely free of charge. Although you can only post a particular number of stuff daily. Else, Facebook takes you as a spammer and blocks your account.

Meanwhile, do not go into people’s DMs advertising stuff. They can report and block you.

After posting the link to your group chat or DM in Facebook pages or groups. You will surely get interested users trooping in.

Provide a service in exchange for a contact

How do you provide a service?

After running ads and someone comes to your DM, how d you make them save your number?

Telling them to save your number might not help always.

Provide a service to them and the will gladly save your number.

Service might be helping them solve a problem for free, inviting them to a free WhatsApp class and more.

If you have a YouTube channel, you can use this as a funnel and drive sales. simply display your WhatsApp link or group link in the description of your video and tell viewers to chat you up to solve a particular problem.

There are more methods but I will stop here for now.


This is for educational purpose, do not use this to spam people. spamming doesn’t help in any way.


digital marketing can be expensive sometimes. In fact, the advertisement company is the biggest in the world. There are lots of money spent on running ads. If you don’t show your products to those won’t want it, how would they see it?

meanwhile, As a starter you can still do the free ways of building your WhatsApp community.

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