How To Increase Your Transfer Budget in Football Manager (FM)

Increasing your transfer budget in football manager. Whenever I play football manager

with my friends, they always rush to manage Paris Saint German (PSG) and Manchester city..


Obviously it’s because of their financial statuses. To win big trophies and attract big players, you need large transfer funds as well as large wages in your club.

But what do you do when you manage a bottom league table club like the likes of Norwich and others. . . You struggle!

If things don’t go well, you get sacked soon enough. Let’s not even talk about signing big players, you can even sign any big player who is on a free transfer because you might not be able to pay their pay rise and high wages.

This can get frustrating, I know!

This frustration made me discover ways on how to get more transfer budget to sign new players.

These ways are what I’m going to let you all know in this tutorial.

How To increase my Transfer Budget in Football manager (FM 2020) or (FM 2019)

Now, there are various ways to do this.

  1. By requesting an increase from your board
  2. Request an increase in wages
  3. By using transfer clauses
  4. By using a special trick


1. requesting an increase in transfer budget from your board

Now, this involves having an interview with your board and convincing them why you need your transfer budget to be uplifted.

Some club owners won’t listen to you especially with the clubs financial status is low, or if the clubs philosophy is “not to sign high profile players” but to train academy players. Clubs like totheham and small clubs have this philosophy.

How To Ask The Board To Increase Your transfer budget

  1. Open your saved game
  2. On the home screen, click on “board” found at the left drop-down menu
  3. Next , click on “Make a board request”
  4. a drop-down menu will appear, now select “finance” then choose “Increase Transfer Budget”
  • This will take you to an interview with the board, they will ask you why you need your transfer budget to be increased.
  • Try to convince them but remember not to be too harsh else you will get sacked immediately
  • Also remember not to be too soft or else you don’t get your request granted
  • Note that once you make the request and get rejected or accepted, you cannot make that same request again until the next transfer window
  • Do not leak your conversation with the press. I did that once and got sacked immediately.
  • Bear in my that after your transfer budget has been increased, you really need to impress the board

If your request gets rejected,then try the next method.

2. Requesting an increase in wages of players

I know you might be saying “We are talking about transfer budget so why is this dude talking about wages”

Well, they work together..

Every new season , the clubs sets a certain amount aside to be used on both signing new players and paying the wages of all your club players.

Now, about 75% is used on signing new players while the remaining 25% is used to pay players wages.

Here’s the thing, you can toggle this Percentage to your taste.

You can decide to give 80% to transfer budget and 20% to wages or 60% to transfer budget and 40% to wages. Any Which way.

But bear in mind that you should make sure you’re not running in dept. This means that you should have money just enough to pay your players wages. Else you get sacked!

To edit this percentage, simply :

  1. Go to the homepage of your saved game
  2. select transfers on the left sidebar of your screen
  3. You’ll see a bar at the top right,
  4. Adjust the bar to your taste
  • Make sure you do not set a wage that is below your clubs wages.
  • Also, note that you can only edit this percentage once in a short while, not everyday.

3. Making use of transfer clauses

What are transfer clauses?
These clause are additional conditions in the transfer.

Instead of selling your player for a transfer fee of just $10million, you can add an additional clause like…

If the player scores up to 20 goals for his new club ,you will be paid $1million dollars.

Or if the player makes 20 appearances in a season, you will be paid a certain amount.

There are other similar clauses like this found on the page when you are negotiating an offer with a club for your player.

Apart from these, there are Other wonderful clauses you can use to sell your players at a very high rate.

Have you ever had that starboy or wonderkid that left your club for only a penny? and you were forced to accept the transfer, I mean there was nothing you could do about it?

Well, in football, there is something known as minimum release clause.

What is minimum release clause?
This is a fixed transfer fee for a player in which if any European club pays that particular transfer fee, the transfer will be accepted automatically, without the Manager’s approval.

Yes. So if your players minimum release clause is just $5million. .
Any European club can pay $5million and sign him , without your approval (as long as the player is interested in leaving).

I’m sure you don’t wanna lose your wonderkids for just a penny.

How do you stop this?

You can do this by simply increasing your star player’s minimum release clause.

How do you increase their release clause?

You can simply do this by offering them a new contract,

  1. click on the star player
  2. select “offer new contract” tab
  3. select”add clauses”
  4. add minimum release clause
  5. Make sure you choose a reasonable price. (not too high)


increase your transfer fund by using a special trick

This is trick. With this method, you can get any amount of transfer funds you want to get on football manager.

How do you do this?


  1. In your homepage, go to options represented with an “arrow” at the top right of your screen
  2. Go to “add new manager”
  3. select a new club(a rich one) and set up your profile and everything.
  4. As a new manager of a new club, try to sign a random unimportant player from your main club. Sign him for a high transfer fee
  5. Accept the transfer from your main club (First manager)
  6. Negotiate and accept contract details with the player
  7. Wait for the transfer to be completely agreed
  8. The huge transfer fee will be transferred to you
  9. Now, retire from your second club(NEW MANAGER) after the money has been added to your transfer budget
  10. To retire, simply go to “home” then go to options at the top left of your screen and choose retire. (not resign)
  11. That’s all, enjoy your funds.


Football manager is an exciting game, especially whenever you have enough money to run the transfer window, get quality players and all that. Without money, it can be frustrating. With these few methods of mine , you’ll be able to increase your transfer budget with ease.

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