How To Know Original Tecno Camon 12 Phone

Some years ago, Tecno phones were Only those old phones that couldn’t browse, but right now, they are smart phones. One good thing with Tecno phones is that they are relatively cheap and strong. Also, unlike some other phones ,their screens are cheap.

If you’re here because you want to know if your Tecno camon 12 is fake or original ,then I’m glad to tell you that you’re at the right place.

Take a sit, grab a glass of water while I teach you how to detect,spot or identity a fake Tecno camon 12 phone.

This works for all series of Tecno camon 12, including “air” and “pro”.

Tecno camon series are one of the best phones you can get at cheap rates.

The camera quality is top notch, along with its RAM and 64gb internal memory.

As a matter of fact, I’m using a Tecno
camon 12 phone to write this article. I bought it some months ago.

When I went to purchase this phone, I was initially given a fake one, but using my tricks, I could spot the difference.

funny enough, the fake phone they gave me had no thumbprint function when I checked phone security settings.

But guess what?
That round thumbprint sign was at the back of the phone.

Note that a fake Tecno phone might look so real but don’t let looks deceive you.

Most likely, your camon 12 battery will be original (follow-come battery) because the battery is inbuilt.

Now, how do you know the difference between a (copyright) fake phone and an original one?

How To spot a fake Tecno camon 12 phone

There are several ways, it’s best you do all the three tests I’ll be giving you in this article.

1. Ensure you buy a new phone from an official tecno retailer shop

The first step to ensuring that you buy an original phone is to buy from a tecno retailer shop, make sure it comes with a phone pack (carton).

2. Using IMEI and VC number to know if your phone is original (Genuine Phone Check)

what is an IMEI number??

This is an Identification number that every phone has.

Just the same way every SIM card has its special number.

due to the high rate of counterfeit tecno phones, tecno has created an online database where they record all the phones they have made, giving each phone an IMEI number.

Now, How Do You Know Your Tecno Phone’s IMEI code?

This IMEI code can be found on your phone pack ( If you bought the phone with its carton).

What about VC number?

How Do I find my tecno camon 12 phone VC number?
This number can simply be found on your phone’s pack, the same pack which you found your IMEI number.

 IMEI and VC number_ spot detect know a fake Tecno camon 12 phone

Alternatively,you can find this number at the back of your battery, but unfortunately, the tecno camon 12 phone has an unremovable battery.

But, if you purchased your phone from a second-hand vendor, then it is unlikely to come with a phone pack.

Alternatively, you can check your phone’s IMEI code by simply dialing a code on your phone.

Pick up the camon 12 phone. dial *#06# and your IMEI number will be displayed on your screen instantly, without pressing the call button.

This can be done even if there is no sim card on the phone.

Now, You have to confirm the genuineness of that IMEI and VC code.

in other words, we need to confirm if the IMEI code is real. If the IMEI code is registered in Tecno online database, then it is 100% real.

(note that this process is more reliable than checking the back of a camon 12 phone pack, because the seller might give you a different phone pack that contain an IMEI number of a different phone)

To verify the originality or genuineness of this IMEI number

  • visit

spot detect know a fake Tecno camon 12 phone

You will see two input spaces. You are to input both your IMEI and VC number into the boxes.

If your phone is original. you will get a message ,saying

“Welcome to use original tecno phone”

spot detect know a fake Tecno camon 12 phone

Otherwise,it’s fake, drop that phone!

3. Using a special trick

This way to spot a fake Tecno camon 12 phone is something you won’t see anywhere on the internet. if you see, let me know.

A copywright or fake phone is very similar to a real one. But definitely there are loopholes. These counterfeit phone manufacturers do not have the high technology that Tecno company has.

How Do I know a fake camon 12 phone using a trick?

  • 1. step one

— Take the phone, switch it On.
— Lock it by tapping the power button once.
— As the screen is blank (locked), use your finger to draw small letter “m”.

When you draw this letter “m”. you will see a blue or green line of the drawing you made, then your phone will be unlocked.

This is a clear sign that the phone is original.

  • 2. Step two.

— Also, lock the phone by tapping the power button once.

— As the screen is blank(locked), use your finger to draw letter “C”.

your phone will automatically go to camera.

This is a clear sign that the phone is legit / real.


Tecno phones are one of the most common phones used in today’s world. They are strong, reliable and cheap. They have good camera and long lasting battery. This is why we need to know the fake tekno battery from the real or original Tecno battery.

It’s very painful to spend your hard-earned money on a phone and later realize that it is fake, here in this article, I have given you three ways to differentiate a fake phone from a real one.

You may also want to know if your tecno battery is original. I’ll update this post with this later.

How to know a fake Tecno battery

you can also use the same medium(website) to verify if your phone battery is fake. visit and type in the SN (serial number of the battery)

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