How To Use Facebook Marketplace To Boost Your Business Sales

Selling your product on Facebook has never been easier, as the Facebook marketplace was introduced in 2016 and since then has been helping business owners with their brands.

One essential benefit of using a Facebook marketplace is that, users can message you directly on messenger to make an enquiry about the product.

With this feature, you are conversing and negotiating with real users using real accounts.

How to list your product on Facebook marketplace

Listing your product on Facebook marketplace is easy. All you need to have is a Facebook account, either personal or otherwise. If you do not already have a Facebook account then you have to create one. Visit and follow the guidelines to create a new Facebook account.
Now, follow the steps below to list your product on Facebook marketplace

  • Login and click on “Marketplace” on your news feed.

After creating a Facebook account, login then at the left side of your news feed, click on Marketplace

  • Click on sell something or create a new product listing
  • You will see three options of what you want to sell namely:- Vehicle sale, Product, or house for rent. choose any of them.
  • On the next page, fill the following details below

Your product category, the location, price and product description. you will also upload some images

  • Click done and next.
  • That’s all, you have successfully listed your product in Facebook marketplace.

Now, creating a Facebook market space is one thing and making maximum sales is another different thing.

How to advertise your listed product on Facebook marketplace

Now that you have listed your products on Facebook marketplace, the next thing to do is to run advert on the listed product.

One special thing about this Facebook marketplace is that it reaches out to people who are interested in the product.

Therefore, as the ads are shown to interested people, it improves sales.

Steps to placing your ad on Facebook marketplace

  • 1. Go to Ads manager and choose objective

Then click on conversions. This will enable your ad to be shown to people who are interested in it.

  • 2. Type your campaign name and click next
  • 3. Set your name and the budget
  • 4. Set your audience, either new or existing audience.
  • 5. Select automatic payment and choose the ads set up and choose video or image

In this article ,I will be letting you know some tips on how to use Facebook marketplace to reach a large audience and boost sales.

Use good prize strategy to set a reasonable price

Prize strategy is simply the act of setting appropriate prices for your products. A good strategy doesn’t necessarily mean the product must be very cheap.

Infact, making your products very cheap is a bad pricing strategy.

So, how do you set a good price for your product?
A good price is neither cheap or expensive, but affordable and considerable.

If you want to have a idea of how much you should sell your products, just search similar products on Facebook marketplace. Check for their prices then you should know the price range to sell that your product.

Snap a clear high quality picture of the product you want to sell

you should use a high quality camera to snap the product. A clear camera or an iPhone camera.

Generally, people get attracted to what they see. So make sure you take a hd version of the product you want to sell. You can use some apps to edit the picture to make it finer and clearly.

Note that you should not just go online and download any picture to use. you might get people interested but during the day of shipment, they will decline the product.

Give a good description of the product

When I say good description, I mean you should indicate the model of the product, the brand, the colour, the type, the internal features and everything the buyer needs to know.

For instance, if you are advertising a phone. Give a description of the ROm, RAM, brand and more. Indicate whether it is fairly used or new.

Make sure you use correct category and tag for your products

if you use a wrong category, you will place your product in a place where buyers cannot find it.

Using proper categories enable the buyer find your product easily.

In addition to this, you should use proper tags related to your product.

For instance, if you are selling a HP laptop, use #laptop. #hp.

Respond to customers kindly and quickly

I wanted to buy something some time ago. The way the seller interacted with me made me not to buy it.

The way you respond nicely matters alot.
Another thing is replying fast.
You don’t expect a buyer to continue chatting with you when you replied them 24 hours after request.

By then,they would have found another seller. You must reply a seller within 1 hour.

negotiate well with your buyers

This still falls under pricing strategy. You should make your price slightly negotiable. This will make them prefer your services and come back to buy more things.

But you shouldn’t sell your product so low.

In this negotiation, you should also create room for delivery fee if you want to deliver it to the person living far from you.

Renew your listings periodically

I don’t have much to say here. Renew your listings at least after 2 weeks. This ensures that your product reaches new people every time. New set of audience.

Bear in mind that some products are not allowed on Facebook marketplace

To avoid getting banned. Some products are prohibited. Products such as alcohol, nuclear, weapon,. digital ebooks and more.


Facebook marketplace has helped alot of people to sell and buy products online in ease. Meanwhile, in everything you do, you need to be security conscious. Do not send money to someone without collecting the product. Do not meet a buyer or selling at his house or am unknown place. Whenever you want to seal a deal, meet up at a open place like am eatery or park.

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