Things You Need To Know About Toyin omotoso 72IG Program on Expertnaire

In 2020, the 72IG Affiliate marketing course was sold at a price of 50k naira. Some months later, it rose to 60k. It has been like that since then.

Now, from March 18th 2022 till March 25th 2022, there is a discount going on. The owner of the course has reduced the price from 60k to 40k for one week starting from the 18th of March.

How does the 72ig program work?

The 72ig toyin course has been ringing about every where on social media. The course was created by one toyin. It was initially 70k. He made it 40k for one week and then increased it to 60k.

Many people say the course serves more than it costs. There is a lot to learn from this 72ig Affiliate marketing course. It shows learning materials in videos and documents.

Each person must own one account and the account cannot be sold. This is because your name during registration must tally with your bank account name.

here’s how you start up your toyin 72ig course.

  • Step 1:-

You can buy the expertnaire toyin 72ig course. After buying this, you get access to your expertnaire account for a subscription of one year.

You can manually subscribe to the expertnaire Affiliate marketing account for 10k yearly but by doing so, you won’t get access to the 72ig course. Also you can also sell the 72ig course for a sum of 25% commission instead of the 50% commission you will earn if you had registered with 72ig course.

  • Step 2:-

After registering for the 72ig expertnaire course, login and go through the documents and videos.

One thing people fail to do is to read, watch and learn. They jump into the business hoping to make money without first learning the process

  • Step 3:-

choose a digital product and sell.

After registering and learning, the next thing is to choose a digital product and market it.

You get a commission for each sale.
There are many ways you can sell your products, I have listen them in another article title “how to make sales through WhatsApp”.

After reading that article ,you will learn how to make sales by selling to your WhatsApp contact after you have build a large audience.

  • Step 4:-

Make sales and get your commission.
To make sale isn’t difficult. All you have to do is to give the buyer your referral link to buy the product then you get a commission from the sale.

There are different digital products on Expertnaire. It is not only the 72ig course. There are weight loss products and many more. More than 70 other courses that are hot cake in the market.

Now, there’s alot to know about this toyin omotoso course, I’ll be explaining some of the things you need to know, then I will explain how to join later in this article.

It is not a get-rich-quick scheme

Many people join this program or buy this course and end up being disappointed because they initially thought they would just get rich immediately after buying the course.

It is a gradual process and you have to Learn before you earn. Most people don’t just want to follow the process.

The registration fee for expertnaire

The registration fee for expertnaire is 10,000 naira. This fee makes you able to sell products and earn from doing so.

This 10,000 naira is a yearly payment, just like the house rent you pay every year.

Therefore you renew your 10k every year.

The 72IG course is not a Ponzi scheme or pyramid scheme

Some people still have this wrong initiative about the 72IG Affiliate marketing course. This is because people sell the products and get commission for doing so.

And then those people also sell the same products to some other people and get paid too.

The cycle continues.

But hey, there are other courses you can buy online too. Not only the 72 IG toyi omotoso course. some other course even have higher commission. I will write a post about the top six products you can market on expertnaire.

There are online classes via zoom and online meetings.

Not only will you be given materials to read but you will also be guided regularly on how to sell the products.


note that we are not paid to encourage or discourage anyone from joining this platform. This is just a honest review that contains all you need to know about the 72IG toyi omotoso course.


Affiliate marketing has become a hotcake owing to the fact that the advertisement industry is the biggest in the world.

Every company does adverts. Even the known Coca-Cola and indomie still do adverts. In expertnaire, you can seek people’s products and get commission without knowing the owner of the product. It’s amazing.

Meanwhile this is not a getrichquick scheme so you should settle down and learn those things before joining the platform else you will find it difficult to make sales

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