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flezhub review : FlezHub.com registration | Coupon code vendor | minimum withdrawal | Is FlezHub legit or scam?

In this FlezHub review, I will tell you everything you need to know about FlezHub.com. This FlezHub review will be divided into sections such as, how does FlezHub work, is FlezHub legit or scam? FlezHub registration, FlezHub minimum withdrawal, FlezHub packages and more.

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FlezHub Review | About FlezHub.com

FlezHub is an online platform where members can earn through sharing of sponsored posts online via their social media platforms.https://cashdicted.com/bismart-review-coupon-vendor-legit-scam/

It is a platform that helps to eradicate poverty by giving users the chance to earn using their social media accounts.

Alternatively, you can earn by referring users to join FlezHub, although this is strictly optional.

How does FlezHub work?

A lot of people have sent me emails to ask how FlezHub works. I’m writing this article to show you how FlezHub.com works.

To earn on FlezHub.com, you must be a registered member. Being a member involves purchasing a coupon code and submitting an online form on their registration page.

I actually bought my FlezHub coupon code for a discount from the vendor above.

FlezHub is made up of two packages.

Diamond planN3,000
Gold planN6,000

You can choose any of the two packages which i will explain as you read through this FlezHub Review. You will be given a welcome bonus after registration.

I will show you a step-by-step guide on how to register on FlezHub in the next subheading below.

FlezHub review | step-by-step guide on how to register on FlezHub

Follow these steps below to register on FlezHub and start earning.

  1. Buy a coupon code from a FlezHub vendor
  2. After purchasing the coupon code, enter the registration link given to you by the vendor.
  3. Input the required information on the registration page including your phone number, full names, email address (valid one) and your coupon code.
  4. Click Register

That’s all!

Note that you cannot use one phone number for two different accounts.

FlezHub.com Login | How to login to your FlezHub account

After registration, you can now login to your FlezHub account using the following details.

flezhub login
  • Your email address
  • Your password

FlezHub review | subscription packages

As stated earlier, there are two different packages you can choose. These are:-

  1. Diamond plan:- N3000.
  2. Gold plan:- N6000.

Diamond plan

This is the first (lowest) package.

Strange, considering the fact that diamond is supposed to have more worth than Gold. lol.

  • Registration fee:- N3,000.
  • Welcome bonus:- N1,000 Flez cash
  • Daily login:- N100 Flez cash
  • Sponsored posts:- N200
  • Mining:- N150
  • Referral bonus:- N1,500
  • First Indirect Referral bonus:- N200 FlezHub
  • Second indirect Referral bonus:- N100 Flez cash

Gold plan

This is the second (Higher) package.

The higher the package, the higher the amount of profit you earn. Therefore, you will definitely earn more on this package.

  • Registration fee:- N6,000.
  • Welcome bonus:- N2,000 Flez cash
  • Daily login:- N200 Flez cash
  • Sponsored posts:- N300
  • Mining:- N300
  • Referral bonus:- N3,000
  • First Indirect Referral bonus:- N500 FlezHub
  • Second indirect Referral bonus:- N200 Flez cash

FlezHub minimum withdrawal

Before you can be able to make withdrawal on FlezHub, you must reach the minimum first.

FlezHub Referral commission / Affiliate commission

Another way of earning from FlezHub.com is by referring people to join the platform using your referral link. Your commission depends on the particular package they subscribe to.

When someone registers on the platform, you gain a commission, provided that they used your referral link.

This is how the commission is organized.

Diamond plan Referral commission

  • Direct referrals bonus:- N1,500 Flez cash
  • first indirect Referral bonus:- N200
  • Second indirect Referral bonus:- N100

Gold plan Referral commission

  • Direct referrals bonus:- N3,000 Flez cash
  • first indirect Referral bonus:- N500
  • Second indirect Referral bonus:- N200

Is FlezHub.com still paying?

If you’re reading this FlezHub Review to know if FlezHub.com is still paying then I’m pleased to tell you that FlezHub.com is still paying. It has been paying ever sinced it was launched till now (as at the time of publishing this article)

Is FlezHub legit?

I have gotten lot of mails concerning the legitimacy of FlezHub.com. This made me write this FlezHub review. Well, according to my personal research, FlezHub com is legit and real.

Is FlezHub scam?

If you’re reading this FlezHub review to know of FlezHub is legit or scam, then the truth is, FlezHub is not a scam. It is legit.

FlezHub Review | Domain registration details

As usual, in this FlezHub review, I will give you in-depth details on everything about the platform including the domain details.

FlezHub.com date of creation

FlezHub.com domain was registered on the 15th of April 2022 for a one year period. It can still be upgraded to more years.

Founder of FlezHub.com

The owner of FlezHub has not been stated on the platform. This may be due to security reasons or reasons we do not know.

FlezHub.com coupon vendor

To be a member of FlezHub, you must buy a coupon code first. You need this coupon code to register. You can purchase this coupon code from any of the vendors.

He can contact one of the FlezHub vendors using the WhatsApp icon on your screen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You might have a few questions to ask and here are the answers below.

How many packages are in FlezHub?

Ans: There are two different packages ok FlezHub namely Diamond and gold package.

Do I need to refer people before I can withdraw in FlezHub?

No. Referral is optional.

How can I contact a FlezHub coupon vendor?

Use the WhatsApp icon.


Alot of income programs like this have come. Some paid people very well whole others got scammed by dubious platform.

https://www.trustpilot.com already talked about this.

The main reason for creating this blog called cashdicted is to educate people on the right platforms to join.

As I usually say, and I will say it again.

Only invest the amount you are willing to lose.

If you still have questions to ask, use the WhatsApp icon on your screen.

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