How To Apply For Industrial Training / Internship As An Undergraduate

In Nigerian universities, students usually go for a 6-months programme called industrial training (internship), popularly known as I.T for short. This industrial training is usually fixed during the second to the last year of a student’s degree. If it is a 5-year course like engineering, the students go for industrial training in their 4th year, … Read more

How To Increase Your Transfer Budget in Football Manager (FM)

Increasing your transfer budget in football manager. Whenever I play football manager with my friends, they always rush to manage Paris Saint German (PSG) and Manchester city.. Why? Obviously it’s because of their financial statuses. To win big trophies and attract big players, you need large transfer funds as well as large wages in your … Read more

How To Know Original Tecno Camon 12 Phone

Some years ago, Tecno phones were Only those old phones that couldn’t browse, but right now, they are smart phones. One good thing with Tecno phones is that they are relatively cheap and strong. Also, unlike some other phones ,their screens are cheap. If you’re here because you want to know if your Tecno camon … Read more

How To Deactivate Your GT bank account or ATM card

How to block your GT bank account. At some points in our lives, we face unforseen circumstances ranging from stolen phones, or stolen ATM cards and more. All these may expose your bank account to money theft. Hence, it is wise to prevent hijackers from stealing your money in your account. How do you do … Read more